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Have you witnessed sexual exploitation or do you have information about it? Please inform us and provide as much detail as possible, your information is safe with us.

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In the past twelve years, Free a Girl has rescued almost 5,000 minor girls in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children. But something radically changed in recent years. Where children used to be offered in bars or brothels, they are now increasingly exploited online. Free a Girl investigates also online possible cases of child trafficking with a focus on sexual exploitation and abuse. You can report your case via us in the Netherlands and abroad via other organizations.

Report a case in  the Netherlands

Free a Girl designed an online research program in the Netherlands to detect, analyze and combat child trafficking and sexual exploitation. We help with reports from individuals who do not (yet) want to go to the police, third parties, healthcare authorities and data on the Deep and Dark web to locate victims and perpetrators. Since all reporting options are connected, it will be possible to ask for help 24/7. If you are sexually exploited by someone or know someone who is a victim of this, you can safely report a case to us. Call or WhatsApp to +316 12 75 84 06 or send an e-mail to Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Report a case abroad

Are you a child survivor of sexual exploitation outside the Netherlands, do you want to report your case and are you in need of support or additional information? You are not alone! In each country, there is an organization with the right knowledge and expertise to assist you in the process of reporting. Therefore, we have listed organizations that could help you further. These organizations are not affiliated with Free a Girl however have a good reputation in each of the respective countries. Since they are not affiliated, no rights can be derived from these recommendations. Please select the situation that is applicable to you to find the websites with more information and contact details.  

Report a case in India

Shakti Vahini strives for a just, free and equitable society and is based in India. Their contact details are listed here.  

Report a case in Nepal

SASANE is a survivor-led organization established in 2008 under the founding principle that women survivors of human trafficking have immense potential to combat the exploitation of Nepalese women and girls. You can call their helpline directly via +977-16-60-01-30-013

Report a case in the United Kingdom

CEASE is a centre that wants to end all sexual exploitation. Their e-mail for further information and contact can be found here. Additionally, in the UK it is important to notify the police. That can be done by filling in the questions on this page where you will be directed to the right local force. 

Report a case in the United States

NCMEC is the centre for missing and exploited children and leads the fight against abduction, abuse and exploitation. Their contact details are listed on this page where you can either find a phone number or fill in a form. In the US it is important to also notify the police. You can find the webpage here for a phone number. 

Report a case in another country

If your country is not listed above, you can find the child helpline of your country here. Child Helpline International works worldwide and uses their gathered information to help and support child protection systems globally, regionally and nationally. Thereforethey will be able to help you further