Periodic gifts

With a gift, bequest or legacy donation to Free a Girl, you can make a real difference. Everything that you donate or leave will go towards the fight against child prostitution.

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We give our partner organizations long-term support, which is why we’re particularly grateful for periodic gifts. Do you donate more than 1% of your income to Free a Girl each year, or are you planning to do so? If so, it is easy to benefit from tax advantages. You can make your donations to Free a Girl fully deductible by transforming them into a periodic gift. Structural donations such as these allow us to make more plans with our partners, and plan in more detail.

If you donate more than 1% of your income to charities each year, you have the right to a deduction if you commit to donating for at least five years in the Netherlands. This way, your donations are fully deductible and there is no minimum or maximum.