Tackling impunity

We fight impunity in Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Laos, Nepal, the Netherlands and Thailand.

So long as children are being exploited and don’t dare to report the crimes, Free a Girl won’t give up the fight. Nor will we stop until the perpetrators are punished systematically. In order to bring about lasting change, Free a Girl is therefore working with local project partners to tackle impunity. Our activities include:

  • Providing legal support to victims when reporting crimes and during what are often difficult legal processes, so that the perpetrators can be prosecuted;
  • Informing survivors and girls in high-risk areas about their rights;
  • Boosting the mental resilience and strength of the victims;
  • Sharing information about suspects with the police;
  • Lobbying and advocacy to improve legislation;
  • Training the police and judiciary to investigate and fight child sexual exploitation.