School for Justice

In Nepal and India, Free a Girl has set up the pioneering School for Justice programme.

Around 1.2 million children in India are victim of sexual exploitation every year. And every year over 12.000 Nepali underaged girls are trafficked to India for sexual exploitation. In recent years there has been an explosive growth in Nepali girls being trafficked and sexually exploited in Nepal itself.​ Many survivors have been rescued from illegal brothels by Free a Girl, in cooperation with local authorities. However, the offenders are rarely punished for their crimes. In order to bring a lasting change, the survivors need to be empowered to fight against their perpetrators.

Fighting impunity

To fight the impunity of the offenders in this regard, in 2017 Free a Girl founded the School for Justice in India. In 2019 we opened a second school in India and a third one in Nepal. The School for Justice is a program where survivors and daughters of survivors of sexual exploitation are able to become the best lawyers, para-legals, police officers, socials workers, sociologist and journalists in their country to join us in our fight against child prostitution.

Change the system

Our aim is to educate the survivors so they can bring those responsible for this crime to justice, spark the conversation as a change agent, grow support from the community, change the system from within, fight impunity and raise awareness about sexual exploitation of children on a national- and an international platform.

How it works

When a girl completes her level 10 she can enrol in the School for Justice program, she will receive support, training, tuition and mentoring to reach level 12. This is the required level to enter into a University education. Free a Girl, along with its partner organizations, provides safe accommodation and all expenses for the students to study. School for Justice is collaborating with the best universities in India and Nepal, to guarantee a first-rate education and an equal opportunity to become successful professionals.


Free a Girl won the Mother Teresa Memorial award for Social Justice in 2019 for their program School for Justice.