We work on prevention in Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Laos, Nepal and the Netherlands.

In addition to rescuing young girls from brothels we are actively involved in prosecuting perpetrators, fighting the impunity behind which these perpetrators are shielded, providing logistical assistance and information in rural areas and monitoring for human trafficking at border crossings.  All of these activities have a preventive effect and save many lives before they are ensnared in the terrible world of sex slavery.

Children born in a brothel or slum are at high risk of sexual exploitation. Most of the times, children live in very small rooms that can fit only 1 bed where the rooms also serve as “work areas” for their mothers who work as sex workers. They let their children wait on the streets or under their bed until they are finished with their client. Both options are unacceptable, children wandering outside the brothels are even more vulnerable to become a victim of sexual exploitation. Free a Girl established a crisis shelter among several brothels in India to prevent children from sexual exploitation. We offer them 24/7 shelter and educational programmes to prevent them from falling into the same work as their mother. Free a Girl offers hundreds of children education and vocational trainings in India, Nepal and Bangladesh to tackle the ongoing problem of sexual exploitation.