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As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for new opportunities. The gap in the market, key success factors, new targets groups. You want to make full use of your possibilities, getting the most out of it, or as we say;

Unlock your potential

Everyday, 2 million children, especially girls, are being held worldwide. They are locked up and exploited in brothels or dance bars, forced into sexual exploitation. As well in the Netherlands. They have nowhere to go. Their freedom is taken away, together with their youth, family and safety. But also their future, their potential.

Free a Girl is dedicated to fight sexual exploitation of children by rescuing these girls and committed to ensuring that those who have exploited them are actually prosecuted.

You can help us as a business partner. By supporting us you can be the key in the process of rescues and prosecution. The key that opens the door to freedom for these girls. And the key that locks the door for those who have committed these terrible crimes.

Become a business partner, because with you support we can do so much more…

Unlock Freedom, Unlock Potential!

We don’t stop after rescuing girls and the prosecuting the perpetrators. With your support, these girls can start working on their future. Follow trainings, or perhaps even attending the School for Justice, a program where girls are trained as lawyers to tackle impunity in their own country. So that these girls can bring a lasting change.


To make your support personal and meaningful, you will receive a portrait of one of our rescued girls to make your support personal.


As a business partner you can support our fight from 50 euros a month. But doors will also open for you:

  • Donation of 50 euros a month: the Free a Girl keychain symbolises “Unlock Freedom, Unlock Potential”. Every time you open the door of your office, you are reminded that your support opens a door somewhere in the world. For a young girl who regains her freedom and can think of her own future.
  • Donation of 200 euros a month: as a member of the Business Partner Club you receive the keychain, a personal portrait and you are invited to our annual Freedom Lunch together with other members, the founders from Free a Girl and ambassadors.
  • Donation of 500 euros a month: one of the founders or ambassadors from Free a Girl will personally bring the keychain and portrait to your office for a nice meet-up. We would also like to see you at our annual Freedom Lunch.

Unlock your potential, become a Free a Girl business partner and fill in the registration form below.